How to Report a Stolen Car Online

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Depending on where you live, you might be able to file a police report online. This includes reporting a stolen car. Many major cities across the United States and most states have police reports that you can file online. The process is quick and easy to do, but you should know that often police reports filed online can take longer to be processed than other police reports. Therefore, it is important to explore all options when reporting a stolen car, because you might want to file a report online as well as call your local police department.

Find Out if Online Reporting is in Your City

Find out if your city or town has online police reports by going to the city's web page or the police department web page. Look for a section that explains how to file police reports or look for a button that says "File a police report." If you do not see one, call the police department to ask if reports can be filed online. They will tell you how.

Click the Link

Click on the link to file a police report and specify that you are reporting a stolen car.

Enter Vehicle Information

Input the make and model of the car and the car's description, as well a where you last saw it and any other information about how it was stolen.

Enter Your Information

Input your personal information so the officers will know how to contact you.


Click "Submit" or "Send" to send the police report.

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