How to Add Someone to a Vehicle Title

You, someone, a vehicle title
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Adding someone to a vehicle title is necessary for joint ownership of a car. The original car owner and new named owner must jointly fill out both the original certificate of title and a title application and submit both documents to the Department of Motor Vehicles. The process can be time consuming, requiring a trip to the DMV and waiting for the new joint ownership title to be mailed.

Obtain the original certificate of title for the vehicle. If you do not have the original title, contact the DMV and request a duplicate.

The previously named sole owner of the vehicle must sign the certificate of vehicle title under the "seller" provision.

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Write the name of the person to be added to the car title and the name of the original owner that will remain on the title in the space provided under the "buyer" provision. Listing two buyers of the vehicle directly implies joint ownership of the car.

Obtain and fill out an application for certificate of title. They are available from municipal offices and some DMV websites. Both named parties must sign the application and appropriately fill out the form indicating the joint ownership status.

Schedule an appointment with a local DMV branch office to submit the signed vehicle title and the application. Only the originally named owner must be present. After submitting the required paperwork and paying the title fees, the new title with joint ownership will be mailed.

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