How to Find Out the Sale History of a House

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If you are interested in determining the value of a piece of property, you should not only investigate the selling prices of properties around it but also learn the price for which the home previously was purchased. Looking up the sales history of a piece of property can also tell you other details, such as how long a particular owner has been in the property, whether the property was transferred to a spouse or other relatives and what each owner paid for the home.

Find the address of the property. You must know the address to start your search.

Go online to the property assessor's office for the county or municipality in which the house is located and enter in the street address for the property. If you don't have the number, try just entering the street name. You will get a list of results matching your search criteria. Search the results until you find the property. The result will list all sales transactions for the property, which includes the names of purchasers, the sales amount and tax information.

Go to the recorder's office in the courthouse of the appropriate county or municipality. The recorder will have a record of all sales transactions pertaining to the property. The clerks can help you look up the information. Fees may be required.

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