Mobile Home Laws & Regulations for New York State Mobile Home Parks

Mobile Home Laws, New York State Mobile Home Parks
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The rights of mobile home owners who rent space in a New York state mobile home park are addressed in Real Property Law 233, also known as the "Manufactured Home Owners Bill of Rights". This law is separate and distinct from laws covering the landlord-tenant relationship in other forms of housing.

Lease Length

Because moving a mobile home is expensive and challenging, mobile home park owners are obligated to offer mobile home owners a lease of at least one year in length. The park owner is also obligated to renew the leases of all park tenants in good standing.

Purchase of Services & Equipment

Tenants of a mobile home park are not obligated to purchase their homes from the park owners, nor are they obligated to purchase equipment or services from a park owner. Mobile home owners are entitled to use contractors of their own choosing in the repair and maintenance of their homes.

Notice of Changes & Rule Violations

Park owners are required to give tenants 90-days notice of any assessments or fee changes. Park owners are also required to give tenants written notice of any rule violations on the part of the tenant, and the park owner must give the tenant 10 days in which to correct the violation or problem.


Grounds for evicting a mobile home park tenant include the tenant's failure to pay rent, tenant violation of park rules, building code violations, and a tenant permitting or engaging in illegal activity in their home. In most cases, the tenant must be given 90-days notice of an impending eviction. Notice can be shortened to 30 days by court order if the grounds for eviction is past-due rent, or if the situation poses a threat to the welfare of other park tenants.

Land Use Changes & Right of First Refusal

When a mobile park owner decides to sell the park, he is required to offer a right of first refusal to his tenants. The tenant's association or the tenants themselves have the right to match any offer that the owner has received and purchase the park themselves. If the owner does sell the park to a buyer other than the tenants, the new owner must give the tenants 60-months (five years) notice of her plans to remove the mobile home park and evict all tenants.