Oregon Criminal Background Check Laws

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Criminal records are official police records that detail past convictions, arrests, and incarcerations for an individual. Often, employers run criminal background checks on potential employees before hiring them. It is also becoming more common for landlords to run these checks on potential tenants. In Oregon, anyone can obtain a background check on someone else by filling out a form and paying the requisite fee to the State of Oregon's Identification Services Section in Salem.

Information in the Record

In Oregon, the report is typically limited to all past convictions and any record of an open arrest, meaning an arrest that has not been acquitted or dismissed, in the past year. For all convictions, the report will state the date of the arrest; the offense for which the arrest was made; the name of the arresting agency; the court that heard the case and the diposition, including the sentence imposed; the date of parole; and any parole restrictions that may apply. An individual's federal criminal record with the FBI as well as a record of criminal history in any other state, is not included in the Oregon report.

Limited vs. Full Disclosure

In Oregon, individuals can receive limited access to someone else's background check based on the name and date of birth of that individual. However, full access is given only to qualified entities such as hospitals, mental health facilities and non-profits with a positive fingerprint identification for the individual. Full disclosure reports include all past outstanding arrests, plus any known criminal activity in other states that has been reported to Oregon.

Obtaining a Background Check Record on Someone Else

To request a criminal history report on another individual, you must send a written request to the Oregon State Police. The following information must be included in the request: the name, address or agency making the request; and the full legal name, date of birth, social security number and address for the individual's whose record is being requested. A $10.00 fee is also required.

Oregon State Police, Unit 11 P.O. Box 4395 Portland, OR 97208


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