How to Change a Business Name in Ohio

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Changing the name of a business in Ohio is a simple process. It will cost more than the registration fee when you originally started your business, because you will have to file two forms with the Secretary of State’s office. However, if you find that a different name better suits the products/services your business provides, or you feel that a different name will be easier to remember and find than your current business name, then changing the name might be a smart idea.

File the Name Registration Update, Form 524, with the Ohio Secretary of State’s office. (See Resources below for access to the form online.) Check box (4) at the top of the form that states “Cancellation of Registration.”

Fill in the corresponding information in the selected box on Form 524. Mail with the appropriate processing fee to the address listed on the form.

Perform a name availability search on the Ohio Secretary of State’s website (see Resources below) to make sure the new name for your business is available.

Register your business under the new name as if it is a new business entirely. This requires the filing of Form 534A. Fill out all requested information on the form and mail to the address listed on the form, along with the required filing fee.


  • If your business frequently uses a shortened version of the original company name, then you need only file Form 534A and register a fictitious name for your business. For example, if your business name is “Smith Landscaping and Construction, LLC,” but you frequently use just “Smith Landscaping,” then do a fictitious registration for “Smith Landscaping” and list “Smith Landscaping and Construction, LLC” as the owner.


  • Do not list a Social Security number or Federal Tax Identification number (EIN) on any documents you file, since the Secretary of State’s office may reject it for the provision of this personal information.



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