How to Terminate an American Home Shield Warranty

an American Home Shield Warranty
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American Home Shield is a 35-year-old company that specializes in providing home warranties. Popular with contractors, homeowners, and real estate companies American Home Shield has a variety of appliance, central heating and cooling, and water heater warranty products. If you've decided to cancel your American Home Shield service, be sure to avoid potential problems by carefully reviewing your warranty contract before starting the cancelation process.

Review the original American Home Shield contract. The company contract is state-specific with cancellation provisions that are designed to comply with the individual states' consumer protection laws. In order to avoid being charged unexpected fees, review the contract before contacting American Home Shield. If you can't find your original contract, send American Home Shield a letter via certified postal mail requesting a copy of the contract for personal records.

American Home Shield P.O. Box 849 Carroll, IA 51401-9901

Write a cancellation letter requesting the termination of services. This letter should include the warranty holder's name, phone number, service address, and account number. The letter should request that the warranty service be canceled 30 days from the date of the letter. American Home Shield requires a minimum of 30 days' notice, so be prepared to pay for an additional month of warranty service.

When mailing the letter have an additional copy mailed to the bank or credit card issuer being drafted for the automatic monthly payments. Be sure to add a CC postscript to the letter sent to American Home Shield so that it is known that the bank has been notified. Do not attempt to fax, email, or call customer service to make cancellation requests, since the receipt of these requests can be hard to verify.

Call the bank or credit card issuer handling the automatic warranty payments and tell the customer service representative that the account is scheduled to be canceled. Verify that the copy of the cancellation letter has been received, and inform the representative of the last expected payment date. Document the date and time of the phone call along with the name of the representative spoken to.

Contact American Home Shield via registered mail asking for written confirmation of warranty cancellation. It can take up to five weeks to receive this written confirmation, and once you get it, file it away with the original contract.

After cancellation has been confirmed, watch bank and charge accounts for unauthorized deductions made by American Home Shield. If money is drafted from an account 30 days after the cancellation request is made (or after cancellation has been confirmed), contact the bank or card issuer. Offer to fax the written cancellation confirmation and in most situations, the bank or credit card issuer will refund the additional charge.

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