How to Change a Name After a Divorce in Oregon

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When a couple marries everything is mingled: names, finances, credit. At divorce, the individuals will want to separate their identities—in addition to their lives—returning to a former name or adopting a new one. Under Oregon law, a judge must grant a name change to a former name if you ask for it in a divorce.

Changing a name to other than a former name, after the divorce, requires filling out forms, petitioning the court and attending a hearing. A lawyer can handle the name change for you, but if you want to do it yourself you can.

Change of Name

Get the necessary forms. Seven forms are required to legally change your name in Oregon. You can get the forms through Stevens-Ness Law Publishing Co. in Portland, Ore., through court clerks, libraries or online.

Complete and file the petition with the court in the county where you live.

Fill out two copies of all the forms. Print or type neatly. Take with you on Step 4.

Go to court hearing. Explain to the judge why you want a name change. Take your forms from Step 3. Give the judge the forms requested.

If the judge grants the name change, post notice of the change of name. Fourteen days later the court clerk will issue a certificate of name change with proof of the notice.

Take certificate of name change to Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles and change your driver's license, car registration, car title and your voter registration.

Take certificate of name change to your bank or banks to change the name on all of your accounts. Don't forget your credit cards.

Contact the Social Security Administration to change your name and get a new Social Security Card with your new name.

Change the name on your utilities, with your insurance company and at your library card.



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