How to Get a DUI Removed From Your Driving Record

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Step 1

Hire an attorney who is experienced with DUI law and who has handled expungement cases similar to yours in the past. A skilled attorney will ensure you file all the necessary paperwork and meet your deadlines.

Step 2

Ask your attorney how much time must pass before you can request to have the DUI removed from your driving record.

Step 3

Find out the conditions under which expungement may be granted. In most cases, the court will not remove the DUI conviction if you haven’t completed your DUI sentence or you are still on probation. If you are still on probation, your attorney may file a motion to terminate it.

Step 4

File a motion with the court to remove the DUI from your record. If your motion is approved, the DUI will be erased from your records.

Step 5

Request a copy of your criminal and driving record to make sure your DUI conviction has been removed.


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