How to Change Your Name in Kansas

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Legally changing your name in the state of Kansas requires a series of relatively straightforward steps. You must prepare forms, give notice of serving or publishing these forms, and attend a hearing. To make sure the process goes smoothly, the assistance of an attorney experienced in the matter is recommended.

Prepare a Petition for Change of Name. The form includes your current legal name as shown on your birth certificate, proposed new legal name, and reason for changing your name. The form must be signed before a notary public.

Prepare a Civil Information Form. File this form along with the petition in civil court in the jurisdiction where you reside, paying the filing fee of $166.

Obtain the case number and court assignment from the court clerk when you file the petition.

Contact the clerk for the public hearing date, if you are not informed of the date when you file the petition.

Give notice as the court requires. This may be by publication in your local newspaper or by registered mail, with return receipt. Receive notice of publication and return receipts, if any.

Prepare the Order Changing Name. The judge will sign the order if the petition is approved.

Bring the notice of publication and registered receipts to the hearing, as well as the prepared Order. At the hearing you will explain your reasons for changing your name to the judge.

File copies of the signed Order with the clerk of court. Make copies of the Order and have the clerk file-stamp them.


  • The copies of the signed Order are for Social Security, the driver’s license bureau, and all creditors and organizations whom you wish to notify of your name change.


  • You must be a resident of the state for at least 60 days before petitioning for a change of name.

    You may not petition for a change of name in order to evade creditors.


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