What Is an Absconder Warrant?

An absconder warrant is an arrest warrant issued by a local government in the event a probationer or parolee absconds, or fails to report, to their assigned probation or parole office as required.


An absconder warrant allows any law enforcement department to arrest an individual who fails to report to necessary probation and parole meetings.


By allowing any agency to arrest an absconder, streets are kept safer. For example, a simple traffic stop can result in an absconder being arrested.


When a probationer or parolee has an absconder warrant in their name, they will be cognizant of avoiding activities that draw police attention to them.


Most states have an online listing of probationers and parolees that can be searched online. This allows citizens and employers to search database to find individuals who absconded.

Time Frame

After an absconder warrant is issued, it is usually only a matter of time until the absconder is arrested.

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