How to Remove a Felony From a Record in Colorado

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Persons convicted of a felony in Colorado face heavy burdens in addition to fines and prison time. For instance, convicted felons lose the right to vote until they complete parole. Convicted felons in Colorado cannot hold public office or possess firearms. The felony conviction will also affect the types of jobs the convict can hold as most companies have policies against hiring felons. The only way to remove a felony conviction in Colorado is to apply for a pardon from the governor and have it granted; it is very rare and difficult to do.

Wait 10 years after you complete your sentence. In Colorado, you cannot apply for a pardon until 10 years after you complete your sentence.

Contact your case manager to receive an application for pardon. For more information, contact: Director of Executive Clemency, Mary Kanan, 940 Broadway, Denver, Colorado 80203; phone: 303-763-2428.

Write a personal letter to the governor of Colorado. In the letter, explain why you are requesting the pardon.

Fill out the application and include the following information: the personal letter you wrote in Step 3, your performance review summary, any reports of disciplinary actions and reports about your mental condition. These forms can be provided to you from the penal institution in which you were housed. Also include your pre-sentence reports and files associated with the criminal investigation and trial. Include any other documentation that will be helpful to the governor when he makes his decision. Contact the Executive Chambers for assistance in gathering these materials.

Wait at least six months for a notice from the Governor's Clemency Coordinator detailing the Governor's decision. Clemency (pardon) proceedings may take six months to a year to complete. If your application is denied, you may reapply in four years.


  • This process is very difficult to achieve. According to, only a "handful" of pardons have been granted in Colorado in "recent years." Also be advised that expunging and sealing of adult felony convictions is not possible in Colorado; the only way to remove a felony record is to have it pardoned by the governor.



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