How to Find Out Who a Home Address Belongs To

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Property records are public knowledge, so you should be able to find out who the owner is for any address. You may be able to do this online, or you may have to go to the county clerk's office.

Go to your county clerk's or city's website. The site might have a tool for looking up the owner of a piece of property. Try using the search function with terms like "property," "property look up," or "property owner."

If your local government does not have online records, or if you can't find them, there are websites that can help you access public property records. You may have to pay money to access these records, but it may be worth the time you save.

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You can also try using a search engine such as Google for the complete address you want to find, and see what pops up.

Go to your county clerk's office, courthouse, or city hall. Ask what department property records are in (this may be the department of records, or a property tax assessment department).

Go to the appropriate department and ask for the name of the property owner for the address. Make sure you have the correct address and any other information that may be needed, such as the neighborhood or zip code.