How to Change a Business Address in the State of Indiana

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Indiana companies register with the Secretary of State or County Recorder when starting a business. The companies must report a principal business address when filing to register the business. Some companies must also register with the Indiana Department of Revenue or other government offices. Companies that change a business address in Indiana must give a notice of the change of address to the government offices they used to register. They should give the notice as soon as they move to abide by Indiana law.

Click on the link for the "Notice of Change of Principal Office Address" form on the Indiana Secretary of State's page for Indiana business forms. Use this form to change Indiana business addresses if you registered a corporation or limited liability company with the Secretary of State. As of 2010, you can file the form for free. Fill out the form and send it to the following address:

Secretary of State Corporations Division 302 W Washington St., Room E018 Indianapolis, IN 46204 317-232-6576

Contact the County Recorder's Office in any county where you registered an Indiana DBA ("Doing Business As") name. Businesses can register Indiana DBA names (assumed names for business different than the company name) at the County Recorder's Office. Follow the office's local instructions to change your Indiana business address.

Access the Indiana Department of Revenue's form for changes of business address, contact name and phone number. Use this form if you registered with the department for a corporate account, account for income withholding, or sales-tax account. Fill out the form and click the "Submit" button to notify the Department of Revenue of your change of business address.

Notify the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency (IPLA) if you acquired a license from IPLA to conduct business in Indiana. Veterinarians, pharmacists and many other professions must obtain a license. You must report your change of business address by mail, email, phone, or fax. Address the letter to the attention of your profession's board if mailing a notice. Include your name, license or registration number, social security number, profession, date of birth, old address and new address. Use the following contact information:

Indiana Professional Licensing Agency ATTN: (name of the board issuing your license) 402 W Washington St., Room W072 Indianapolis, IN 46204 Phone: 317-234-2054 Fax: 317-233-4236

Contact any other government offices that you registered with when opening the business. For example, a business may have registered with a different Indiana office for a state or local license or permit. Certain businesses also register with various federal agencies. Follow the instructions of that office to report your Indiana business-address change.


  • Visit your local post office to fill out a change-of-address form. The post office will forward your mail to your new business address.


  • Do not confuse a change of business address with a change of registered office. Businesses filing with the Secretary of State must provide a registered agent and registered office for service of process in the event of a lawsuit. Use the "Notice of Change of Registered Office or Agent" link on the Secretary of State's page for business forms to get the form for changing a registered office.



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