How to Renew a Massachusetts Notary License

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Notary publics--appointed by state governments--witness and authenticate the signing of important documents and give oaths. Notary publics require official certification that must be renewed every seven years. The renewal process in Massachusetts is fairly straightforward. You cannot continue to perform notary duties if you let your notary commission lapse.

Fill out the application from the Division of Public Records. This office automatically mails this out five weeks before your commission will expire.If you do not receive the form within this timeframe, call the Division of Public Records. If you happen to move before your new commission is up for renewal, be sure to call them and give them your new address to ensure you get the renewal paperwork.

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Send the application back to the Notary Public Office. See reference for mailing address.You will need need to submit proof that you renewed your notary bond (insurance against negligence). The state often sends the paperwork and the name of a suggested underwriter with the application. The renewal costs 60 dollars.

Take new oath within 90 days of receiving confirmation of your reappointment to validate your new commission.You take this oath in person at the Notary Public Office. You will also need to get a new notary stamp or seal to reflect the expiration date of your new term. Massachusetts state offices do not supply stamps, nor do they recommend a vendor. You can get them at any stationer. Many online stores specializing in notary supplies also sell stamps and seals.