How Do I Get a Duplicate Car Title for Any State?

I, a Duplicate Car Title, Any State
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A car title often is a small, flimsy piece of paper, and yet it's the most important item in your glove box. Without the car title, you cannot prove ownership of the vehicle or legally sell the vehicle. Loss, theft and other factors can cause some owners to lose their car titles. The process of obtaining a title can be tedious and time-consuming if you don't know where to go, but getting a duplicate car title for any state actually is a pretty simple procedure.

Who Needs a Duplicate Car Title?

A car's title usually will stay with the vehicle for the entirety of the car's life on the road. The title might change hands several times as different sellers and buyers take possession, a process completed through county clerk's offices. Obtaining a duplicate car title has little to do with buying, selling and the like. In almost all cases, a duplicate car title is obtained when the car's original title has been lost. If you have moved your home and your car from one state to another, you can simply change the information on the original title rather than receiving a duplicate copy.

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Get a Duplicate Car Title in Any State

Each state has its own government offices, laws and ordinances. The title of every car in every state is registered through the clerk's office of the county (or parish) of your residence. To get a duplicate car title in any state, you must obtain a duplicate-title application. It requires you to show proof of ownership. In some states, it might be necessary to provide a copy of your driver's license and insurance card. You also will be required to pay a title fee, which varies by state. In many cases, a duplicate-title application can be found online through your state government's official website .

Two Car Titles?

Upon completing the duplicate-title application for your car, you will receive the new paperwork by mail in a few weeks. If you find your original car title and end up with two titles for the same vehicle, shred the older copy, and keep the new copy on file.

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