How to Raise Money for Legal Fees

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How to Raise Money for Legal Fees

Step 1

Solicit friends and family–all of your friends and family. Start making a list of at least 100 names, email addresses and phone numbers. Don’t limit yourself to any geographic area. Compose a letter clearly and concisely explaining how much money you are trying to raise and why. Offer several ways to contribute to the effort (, mailing checks and money orders, or sending payments directly to your lawyer for example).

Step 2

Go door to door in your neighborhood soliciting $1 from each neighbor; asking for only $1 will often result in higher donations than asking for “anything you can spare.” Canvas your local area explaining the importance of the effort and how the donation can make a significant impact.

Step 3

Visit every church in your area. Explain your financial need to church leadership and ask if a special collection or offering can be requested from the congregation on your behalf.

Step 4

Gather anything of any relative value that you can part with and offer it for auction on


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