How to Copyright Protect a Document

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Step 1

Complete an electronic copyright application. The U.S. Copyright Office recommends that you take advantage of faster processing times and lower filing fees by using the online application. Access the electronic application at, by following the link to the Electronic Copyright Office.

Step 2

Submit the correct filing fee with your electronic application. The basic fee for an electronic copyright claim is $35 and can be paid by credit or debit card, electronic check or a Copyright Office deposit account.

Step 3

Upload or mail your documents for copyright registration. Once you have submitted your payment, press "Next" and choose "Upload Deposit" if you want to submit your document electronically. If you prefer--or are required--to mail your document, click "Submit Your Work" once you have received your payment confirmation. Choose "Send By Mail" and then click the "Shipping Slip" link to create a shipping label.



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