How to Sell Your Own Home in Virginia

Virginia is a state that has a lot to offer. There's a little bit of everything, beaches, mountains and lots of history. Selling a home anywhere can be a chore and Virginia is no different. There are many reasons that home owners decide that they want to sell it themselves instead of using a real estate agent. Do your homework and keep a clear head for a better chance of success.

Find a real estate attorney. You're going to need one for closing, so start to develop your relationship now. Check your local phone book and any websites that local law offices may have. You can check the website for your city and find the available attorneys and their websites at Write down any questions that you have and make an appointment with your chosen lawyer.

Advertise your home yourself. A simple "for sale by owner" sign in the front yard will attract of a lot attention. You might want to set up a separate phone line just for inquiries. Take out an ad in the local paper and in any free community papers. Advertise online, setting up a separate email address so you're not bogged down with spam. Sites like Craigslist and eBay offer real estate listings.

Contact companies like Help-U-Sell that know real estate law and will help you with advice and listings for a lot less than a regular agent. There are ten Help-U-Sell offices in Virginia. While you're not selling your house totally on your own, you'll still be making more money on the sale.

An option is to sell "as is." There are many companies (known as "cash buyers") in Virginia that will buy your house without a real estate agent and without your having to fix anything up. Contact more than one company so that you can negotiate for the best deal. Companies like HomeVestors (also known as "Ugh;" Virginia residents will recognize the "We buy ugly houses" slogan), Cash Home Buyers and We Buy Houses may not give you your full asking price but, considering that you won't have to spend money on any repairs, it might be worth it.


  • If you have questions about anything during the process of selling your home, talk to your real estate lawyer.


  • If you need to sell quickly, the cash buyers might be the way to go.

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