When Do You Have to Pay Back Welfare Benefits?

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Welfare benefits are provided by the federal government and issued at state and local agencies. Anyone can apply for assistance, and applicants are required to meet all eligibility requirements for the programs. Should an applicant receive benefits they were not entitled to, they may have to repay those benefits

Types of Benefits

There are many forms of welfare assistance including unemployment insurance, food stamps, cash assistance and medical assistance. Anyone interested in applying for welfare can contact their local state agency to submit an application or to obtain any information such as eligibility requirements, application time frames and more.

Applying for Benefits

In order to receive benefits, an applicant must submit an application and all information requested by the agency within a certain time frame. Failure to provide the verification needed can result in a denial of benefits and the applicant must reapply.

Statement of Understanding

Each applicant must sign a statement of understanding. By signing the statement, it verifies the applicant has provided all information to the best of their knowledge and they understand that the law provides penalties for false statements in regards to obtaining benefits fraudulently.

Ineligibility and Overpayment

An overpayment occurs when applicants obtain benefits they were not eligible to receive. Once this has been found on a claim, the department will make the determination if it was the applicant's error,or the agency's fault. Sometimes the agency may overlook something , not holding the claimant liable. A notice will be provided in writing should an overpayment be found.


If the applicant disagrees with the decision made on their case regarding the overpayment, they must contact the department within the time frame listed on the notice. A request for an appeal must be submitted in writing and all parties will be notified of the date and time of the appeal hearing.

Welfare Fraud

Welfare fraud is a crime. A person who willing makes a false statement to obtain welfare benefits may be criminally prosecuted and asked to repay all benefits they were not entitled to. Various fines and jail time sometimes result in a fraud conviction.

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