How to Get Copies of Lost Subpoenas

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Step 1

Go in person to the court clerk's office. Although a good deal of court business is transacted by phone or over the Internet, obtaining a replacement for or copy of a lost subpoena needs to be done in person.

Step 2

Advise an assistant clerk on duty in the clerk's office of the lost subpoena.

Step 3

Provide the assistant clerk with the case number as well as the name of the person subpoenaed.

Step 4

Request a copy of the lost subpoena or a replacement.

Step 5

Confirm that the copy of lost subpoena is duly certified by the clerk's office. A certified copy is one that is authenticated by the clerk of the court as being a true and correct copy of original. A merely duplicated copy is not sufficient to replace a lost subpoena.

Step 6

Obtain the appropriately certified replace or copied subpoena to be served on the witness.



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