How to Get Tax ID Numbers for Donations

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Obtain a Charity’s EIN

Step 1

Probably the quickest and easiest way to obtain a charity’s EIN is to do a Web search. Simply enter the charity’s name followed by “EIN” on an Internet search engine such as Google. If this doesn’t work, try the following steps.

Step 2

Review any receipts or letters provided by the charity. Most charities will provide you with written receipts or confirmation letters detailing the amount and date of your charitable contributions. Sometimes the charity will provide its EIN on the receipt or letter. Note that charities are required to provide donors with receipts for charitable contributions of over $250. Donors need these receipts to verify their charitable contributions when filing their federal income tax returns.

Note that donations made to certain tax-exempt organizations are not tax-deductible, such as contributions made to political campaigns, trade associations and membership clubs.

Step 3

Request EIN or tax documents from the charity. To obtain a charity’s EIN, call the organization and ask for the number over the phone, or request a copy of the charity’s IRS Tax Return Form 990. This is basically the charity’s tax return: it reports the charity’s revenue, expenditures, changes in net assets or fund balances and other pertinent financial and operational data. The IRS Form 990 is a public record and must be made available to the donor by mail or in person at the charity’s office, in accordance with IRS regulations.

Step 4

Search websites to obtain the charity’s EIN. There are several sites that provide free information on charities, including their EINs. These include Foundation Center (; GuideStar (; Charity Navigator (; and JustGive (

Also, be sure to check the organization’s website, if it has one; there’s always the possibility that the EIN is posted there.


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