How to Write a Confidential Report

How to Write a Confidential Report
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Preparing a report of any type is challenging and time consuming. The task becomes more complex when the end result if a confidential report. Follow certain tactics and techniques when you write a confidential report. By understanding how to write a confidential report you can convey important information in a way that maintains its integrity and authenticity. After drafting a confidential report, ensure that you take appropriate steps to secure the document.

Step 1

Review any laws that underpin the requirement for a confidential report. A higher standard is applied to confidentiality when it is a legal requirement.

Step 2

Compile all necessary data to be use in the confidential report. If the report is to be confidential, the underlying data warrant the same level of protection.

Step 3

Prepare an appropriate cover first. It must set forth clearly the confidential nature of the document. If the confidentiality of the report is based on a particular law, reference the legal provision on the cover. In addition, state the penalty for dispensing the confidential contents of the report.

Step 4

Draft the report as you would any other similar text, confidential or not.

Step 5

Insert a confidentiality disclaimer on each page, commonly within the header or footer.

Step 6

Secure (or destroy, as appropriate) the underlying data used to compile the confidential report when the drafting process is complete. Or the data can be attached to the report.

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