How to Know When to Go From Supervised Visitation to Unsupervised Visitation

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when to go from supervised to unsupervised

Why were the visits supervised in the first place? Is this still a concern or an issue? Is yes then the visits probably need to stay supervised for a period of time until the situation gets better or corrected. If the concern is alcohol or drug abuse and the parent does not seek treatment or test clean then the visits may need to stay supervised. This is the first step.

The second step is: did the supervise visits go well, did the person show up on time and were they regular and visited on a consistent basis. Was he feedback from the supervisor positive, did the parent act appropriate? If the answer is yes then the parent is possibly ready to go to unsupervised visits. It is best that these visits start in short time intervals, like an hour. This way the visits can start slowly to longer visitation times. Have the visits take place at a public place like a playground, mall, or restuarant. If the child and parent appear to be doing well add an hour each week until you have a full day. Please keep the child's schedule in mind when planning visits, may it be feeding or napping.

Going from supervised to unsupervised visits is a long process and can take time. Have your long term goal in mind and stick to it. If your goal is weekend overnight visits be prepared that it may take up to a year to reach your goal. The key is to do what is in the best interest of the child.