How to Check if a Notary Stamp is Legal?

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Find a notary public. They can easily be found by searching at the American Society of Notaries. Most tax preparation companies also have a notary public available. Make sure the notary is authorized to notarize your documents by requesting to see the actual stamp imprint and the validity year. This will help ensure that the stamp used on the document is legal.

Step 2

Review the stamp imprint. Notaries are able to choose from many different types of stamps to use. Originally, all notary stamps were the same in that they resembled an embosser. When the two parts were pressed together an embossed mark would be produced on the document. This was commonly known as the notary seal. Now there are rubber stamps, which are either self-inking or require an ink pad. These types of stamps are common and are acceptable in the majority of businesses. Electronic stamps are also used for documents that are sent through email. Electronic stamping is a viable option for many notaries, however it must be approved by the particular state in which the notary provides services.

Step 3

Look at the document once it has been stamped. It should clearly display the name of the notary, the commission number of the notary and the date when the commission expires. If any of this information is not present, you may want to question the legality of the stamp. All three items must be displayed on a legal notary stamp.

Step 4

Check clarity. Since there are different types of stamps, you need to make sure all information that is included in the stamp is legible. Rubber stamps will sometimes smudge, so it's important to make sure the stamp can be read clearly. There is usually no issue in regards to clarity when the stamp is embossed on the document.



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