Define a Minor Traffic Violation

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Traffic laws exist to promote safe driving habits and reform bad drivers. Police officers are delegated the duty to patrol the streets in an effort to discover any potential violators of traffic laws.

Minor Traffic Violations

A "traffic violation" refers to a category of offenses related to people not obeying state or local motor vehicle laws. While the less serious offenses are considered minor traffic violations.


Some common examples of minor traffic violations include:


1) blocking the flow of traffic 2) disobeying traffic lights 3) speeding 4) parking tickets 5) not wearing a seat belt



Penalties vary for minor traffic violations and can include:


1) fines 2) raised insurance rates 3) traffic school 4) license suspension or revocation


Major Traffic Violations

Some examples of violations not considered minor offenses include:


1) both driving while and under the influence 2) reckless driving 3) open container 4) assault with a motor vehicle



You have the option of resolving your minor traffic violation in court. A court case may allow you to lower the fine, stop a license suspension, or potentially have the case dismissed.


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