What Is Administrative Processing for an Immigration Visa?

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Administrative processing is a term used by American Immigration officials to describe a visa application that has been set aside for further review. Applications in administrative processing “can be delayed for weeks or months” according to Integrity Legal.


Many visa applications in administrative processing are red flagged because an immigration official suspects the applicant of immigration fraud, according to Integrity Legal.

Previous residents

Some applications are put into administrative processing because the applicant previously lived in the United States and is suspected of having committed a crime on American soil, according to Integrity Legal.

Other cases

Other applications in administrative processing have already been denied and need to be sent to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration before the case can be closed, according to Integrity Legal.


The best way to ensure that your application is not flagged for administrative processing is to fill out a well-prepared, honest application, according to Integrity Legal.

Visa Waiver Program

Applicants in administrative processing can apply with the Visa Waiver Program. If accepted, you’ll be able to enter the U.S. while your visa is being processed, according to Capitol Immigration.