How to Pull a Police Record

Step 1

Begin with your local police department. Although each department has its own rules, generally, you will need to appear in person, with photo identification and fill out a form requesting your police or criminal record. You should be prepared to pay a small fee. You may want to call the department first to ensure that you have all the information needed to obtain the report.

Step 2

Some local police departments will be able to provide a state-wide criminal or police record, but many departments will only be able to give you a copy of your arrests and convictions for the local jurisdiction. Therefore, you should also check with the state police in any state where you have been arrested to request a copy of your state-wide police record. Many states allow you to order your police record online. You can find the appropriate website by searching for "[your state] criminal records." If you are seeking to pull the police record of a person other than yourself, you may need special authorization or you may have to provide notice to the person whose record you are seeking. Because each state's rules are different, you should check for details with your local police department.

Step 3

If you have been arrested by federal authorities or want to show that you have not been arrested by federal authorities, you will need to pull your federal police record by making a written request to the FBI, providing a copy of your fingerprints and paying a fee of $18. Full information about the forms and fees is available on the FBI website: Generally, you are not able to pull a FBI or federal police record for another person.



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