How To Get a List of Current Class Action Lawsuits

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Class action lawsuits are instigated by one or more plaintiffs for a larger group that share a common interest, such as injuries from the use of a company's product or service, and often result in a monetary reimbursement. Companies often send letters to recipients when they are known to the company; however, when the purchases are more general, the recipient must notify the company. By reviewing lists of class action lawsuits online, you may garner surprising reimbursements if you qualify as part of the lawsuit.

Visit a web page that lists class action lawsuits. Several websites provide lists of class action lawsuits organized in a variety of ways. (The resource section provides three such websites.) Top Class Action lists the lawsuits with the most recently posted class action posted first. Class Advocate takes a more topic-based approach, with lawsuits separated into four sections--product or service, injury, topic or company--to make it easier to browse. Stanford Law School Securities Class Action Clearinghouse displays the lawsuits in a table listing the litigation name, exchange, ticker, date and court. Click on the column heading to sort the lawsuits.

Search the website for relevant terms. Most websites contain a simple search box; however, Stanford Law School Securities Class Action Clearinghouse includes an in-depth, advanced search that enables you to search by the litigation name, ticker symbol, litigation type, dates and classification. From the clearinghouse's home page, select "Search" from the side bar. Enter your search terms in the text box next to the correct type of term. You can specify if the search contains, begins with, ends with, equals or does not equal the search term from the drop-down box before the search term.

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Sign up for the website's email list. Some class action websites, such as Top Class Actions, also include a mailing list that will send lists of new lawsuits or updates to your email. From Top Class Action's home page, select the hyperlink "Mailing List." Fill out the form with your email address, name and state. Then, click "Submit."