How to Find Information on a Bankruptcy Case

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If you desire to find information on a bankruptcy case, two different resources are available to you. In some jurisdictions, there are more formalized procedures for obtaining detailed information about a bankruptcy case. For example, if you desire to obtain copies of documents from a particular bankruptcy case, you may need to file a written request for those materials. In some instances, certain information associated with a bankruptcy case may be confidential. An example of confidential information includes a patented process used by a company that nevertheless is considered an asset for the purposes of a bankruptcy case.

Telephone the bankruptcy court clerk's office and inquire what you must do to obtain information on a bankruptcy case. Depending on what you request, the clerk's office may be able to provide you the information you desire over the phone.

Draft a written request (or use a standard form, if available) to make additional requests of the clerk's office (if required by the clerk). You are more likely to need to use a written request if you seek documents from the case. You may need to pay a fee for duplicating documents in advance of obtaining the materials.

Telephone the bankruptcy trustee. You can obtain her number from the court clerk. The bankruptcy trustee may have information about a bankruptcy case that is not available through the court clerk. The bankruptcy trustee may possess additional documents that are not a part of the court file. As with the clerk's office, the bankruptcy trustee may be able to provide you at least part of the information you desire over the phone.

Draft and submit a written request for supplemental information from the bankruptcy trustee if she requires you to put this in writing. Similar to the bankruptcy court clerk, the bankruptcy trustee may require an advance payment for any costs associated with duplicating documents for you.



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