How to Obtain Traffic Accident Reports Online

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Traffic accident reports reveal a person's record of car crashes throughout their entire driving history. These reports can be useful for personal reference, as well as legal and employment purposes. An accident report can usually be requested at a county police department or DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) office. They can also be conveniently purchased online by visiting the appropriate website. Ordering a traffic accident report online involves a simple process as long as a driver meets the eligibility requirements.

Find out if your county's police or sheriff's department has a website, then obtain the web address of DMV of the state in which you reside. One of these offices may offer the online service while the other does not.

Visit each website and locate the option to order your traffic or vehicle accident report. This can most likely be found under an "Online Services" menu or related title.

Review the eligibility requirements for purchasing the report online. You will need to meet certain criteria before proceeding with the order, which differ with each state.

Enter your personal information in the appropriate fields. Legal and vehicle details are necessary to help identify you as the primary holder of the driving record.

Clearly indicate that you are purchasing a traffic accident report, then confirm your selection. Agree to the service fees and proceed to the last step to provide payment information.

Select your method of payment and verify that the total cost is correct. Save a copy of the confirmation or receipt and wait for your accident history report to arrive shortly thereafter.


  • Try searching a public records online database to access your driving record. Websites like Public Records Search and the Free Public Records Search Directory allow you to access resources that can help you obtain your traffic accident report.