How to Create a Temporary Power of Attorney

A power of attorney (also called a POA) is the right to act on the behalf of another person in legal or financial matters. It may be necessary to have a power of attorney for elderly people, active duty military personnel or anyone who might need someone to act on their behalf. In many cases, the power of attorney rights are only needed for a short time. In those cases, temporary power of attorney is granted for a specific time period.

Step 1

Choose a POA holder that you can trust to carry out their duties with your intentions and expectations in mind. Most people choose a relative or legal representative. Remember to have a frank conversation with them about what you expect from them before you go any further.

Step 2

Have your lawyer draw up a temporary POA agreement specifying the exact time period that your POA holder can act on your behalf. You must sign it and have it notarized. Give an original to the POA holder and keep a copy for yourself for your records.

Step 3

Notify any third parties that may have an interest in your temporary POA, including your bank, your doctors and any legal representatives that were not present when it was drafted and executed. Consider discussing this with your relatives so that they are aware of the situation. Be sure to emphasize the temporary aspect of the power of attorney and let them know the date it will expire. Provide copies of the temporary POA agreement so that they have it for their own records.

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