How to File a Police Report for an NSF Check

Ask the check writer's bank for an original copy of the NSF check. The bank will forward the original to the police; maintain a photocopy for record-keeping purposes.

Obtain a copy of the bank statement for the account into which you attempted to deposit the NSF. Retain a copy, and prepare a copy for the police.

Compile any correspondence with the maker of the NSF check about the incident; the police will attach it to the criminal complaint affidavit. Do not continue to attempt collection after filing a criminal complaint.

Check the local county's district attorney's office to determine whether you should direct NSF check complaints to a police agency or to a check-enforcement program run by the prosecutor's office. If the latter, obtain any necessary forms to accompany the criminal complaint.

If filing with a police agency, prepare an affidavit that identifies the circumstances under which you accepted the check, when it bounced, what collection activity you attempted,and any other relevant facts. Include the original NSF check and copies of the relevant bank statements for verification.

Bring all documentation directly to the police department, and file it with an officer. Direct complaints to the local district court office for processing. Maintain copies of all materials submitted to the law-enforcement system.



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