Qualifications for House Arrest in Virginia

Qualifications, house arrest, Virginia
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The Commonwealth of Virginia maintains a house arrest or home-detention program from criminal offenders in a number of cases. There are certain requirements and qualifications that an offender must satisfy before being admitted into the Virginia house arrest program.


The type of offender who qualifies for home detention or house arrest in Virginia is one who is guilty of a non-violent offense. Generally, individuals convicted of violent offenses do not qualify for house arrest in Virginia.

Sentence Length

Typically, in order to qualify for house arrest in the Commonwealth of Virginia, the sentence imposed must be for less than a year.


In many cases, qualifying for house arrest is contingent upon the offender having gainful employment. One of the objectives of home detention is to allow an individual to continue earning a living.

Electronic Monitoring

Electronic monitoring of some type normally is utilized to enforce the requirements of house arrest in Virginia. Therefore, an offender must have the ability to pay for this monitoring and must maintain active phone service at his residence.


Supervision over a house arrest program normally is undertaken by a local probation office. The probation office likely will establish additional qualifications and requirements in a particular case.

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