How to Find Out Who Owns Land in Arkansas

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Land and property ownership is a matter of public record, and anyone can find out who owns land or property in Arkansas. The Arkansas Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) makes these and other public records available to any individual who requests them.

Under the act, you can review public records at their location, or request copies of specific records from the agency where they are maintained.

Requesting Copies of Land Records

Contact the Arkansas Land Records Division in Little Rock to obtain a records request form. You can visit the office in person, which is on the first floor of the State Capitol building, or you can contact the office by telephone at (501) 324-9422, or fax your request for a form to (501) 324-9421. There is currently no form available online to find out who owns land in Arkansas.

Complete the request form. Include detailed information to assist the clerk in locating the records you are seeking. The physical address of the property, including the county, is necessary to find out who owns it. If you are trying to find property by owner, provide the first and last name of each adult who lives at the property and any other personally identifying information you have.

Return the request form to the land records clerk. You can do this by mail, fax, or in person. You may be asked to provide your driver's license or another form of identification before your request will be accepted.

Pay the fee for copying the records. The division is permitted to charge you for the costs of copying the records. You may be required to pay in full before the records will be provided, but you may also be able to obtain a waiver if you can demonstrate your request is for a non-commercial purpose. The clerk will then have up to three business days to furnish you with copies of the records.


  • While property records are generally available to the public, some records may be deemed confidential and will not be released. Information such as addresses of certain government officials, undercover agents, and individuals in the witness protection program is considered classified and excluded from public view under the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act.



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