How Long Does a DUI Stay on a Driving Record in Michigan?

By Darlene Peer
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A DUI, also known in Michigan as an OWI (Operating While Intoxicated), **will stay on both your Driving Record and your Criminal Record permanently**. It can only be removed in rare cases, where it can be proven that the evidence was defective. Fortunately, most auto insurance companies will eventually stop counting a DUI conviction against your rate if your driving record stays clean. The number of years, usually a minimum of three, varies by company, so call and check with your insurance provider.

Why a Michigan DUI Won't Be Expunged

In Michigan, there is a statute that prevents traffic offense convictions from being expunged from driving records. This is because three alcohol-related traffic offenses may result in a felony charge. It doesn't matter if the three offenses happen in the same year or over a span of 60 years; This is why a DUI needs to stay on the record. If the first DUI was expunged from your driving and criminal records, the driver could avoid being having the third offense charged as a felony.

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