Neighborhood Watch Ideas

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In today's mobile society where many people spend most of their time outside of their homes, many communities are less cohesive, which can allow crime rates to climb. Neighborhood watch programs tie people together, which causes crime rates to decrease, as reported by police and other law enforcement agencies.

Initial Meeting

Hold an initial meeting to determine the level of interest in the community. If attendees agree to form a neighborhood watch, elect a leader and schedule regular meeting times.

Active Participation

Give everyone in the group opportunities to raise concerns, point out problems in the neighborhood and propose solutions. Allow all members to play an active role in the group.

Law Enforcement

Determine if there are programs to participate in through your local police department. Ask whether an officer can come to a meeting to offer advice or walk through your neighborhood to identify problems.


Consider starting a newsletter or an email chain. This will help you to communicate programs and other plans and to dispel rumors and disseminate information throughout the neighborhood.

Cleanup Event

Sponsor a neighborhood cleanup event to get rid of eyesores such as poorly maintained areas and abandoned cars, which can foster a criminal environment, and to attract new members.

Display Signs

If your local law enforcement agency will allow it, post signs that warn potential criminals that there is an active neighborhood watch program in the community.


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