What is the Cheapest Way to File Bankruptcy?

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If you are contemplating filing bankruptcy, you obviously are facing numerous financial challenges already. In advance of beginning the process of seeking bankruptcy relief, you likely are wondering what is the cheapest way to file.

Standardized Forms

One course that you can take to save a considerable amount of money is to obtain standardized forms. You can access all of the standardized forms you will need to file and pursue a bankruptcy case from an office supply store in the brick and mortar world, and similar types of retail venues on the Internet.

You merely need to fill out the various forms to get your case underway. These forms provide you everything you require without the need of spending money on a bankruptcy attorney.


There are user-friendly software applications available that allow you to prepare all of the required documentation. These software applications can also be purchased in software and office supply stores and on the Web.

By using these software applications you will be able to generate professional-looking documents, including a petition, for your bankruptcy case at a fraction of what you would otherwise have to spend on attorney fees.

Bankruptcy Preparers

Another way that you can undertake the cheapest possible bankruptcy is to use the services of a bankruptcy preparer. While bankruptcy attorneys can end up charging a significant amount of money, professional bankruptcy preparers charge a fraction of that cost. These individuals have experience in filling out and completing bankruptcy forms. Although they cannot represent you in court or appear on your behalf for any of the proceedings in your case, their efforts can ensure that your documents are in proper form.

Legal Aid and Law School Clinics

Most larger communities have either a legal aid society or a law school clinic. Through these organizations, you can obtain free or low-cost legal representation. The typical legal aid society or law school clinic charges no fee for services on a bankruptcy case or a minimal sliding scale fee based on your income.

Payment Plan for Fees

Finally, when looking to find the cheapest way to pursue a bankruptcy, you definitely will want to file a request with the court to pay your filing fees over time. Generally, the court will permit you the ability to pay your court-related fees over six months, rather than all at once at the start of the case.



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