How to File a Small Claims for Slander in North Carolina

Small-claims courts in North Carolina handle civil matters, with the main relief sought being monetary damages. The plaintiff in a small-claims case in the state can seek an amount no greater than $5,000. Slander is a legal cause of action brought against a defendant who made a verbal defamatory statement that damaged the plaintiff's reputation.

Prepare a complaint against the defendant. The state's small-claims court provides plaintiffs with forms to satisfy this requirement. A link to obtain a form has been added in the resources section below.

Bring the completed complaint to small-claims court in the county where the defendant resides and present it to the court clerk. The clerk will issue you a summons if the complaint is in order. Completion of this step constitutes filing a claim in small-claims court.

Serve the summons and complaint on the defendant. In addition to filing the complaint, you must serve the defendant with a copy of the complaint and the summons obtained in Step 2. Failure to do this will result in your case being dismissed and you will have to start the process again.


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