How to Start an LLC in Dallas County

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A limited-liability company, or LLC, is a business structure that allows the members of a company to limit their liability to the amount they invest in the company. It also allows the members to pass through the losses of the company against their personal income taxes. If the company is formed as a corporation, the owners of the company are subject to double taxation: They must pay taxes on their own income and on the income of the corporation. An LLC generally avoids this.

Fill out a Certificate of Formation for a limited-liability company. Forms are available at the Dallas County (Texas) Secretary of State's office. An electronic copy of the form has been provided in the resources section below. The form is straightforward and instructions are provided.

Take the form to the Secretary of State's office and present it to the clerk for filing. The clerk will check to ensure that the form is properly filled out.

Pay the required filing fee. As of 2009, the filing fee is $300. The fee can be paid in cash or by check or credit card. Payment of the fee and presentation of the form for filing will commence the LLC.



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