How to Expungement Guide For Criminal Record in Tennessee

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I've been doing some research to get something cleared off for a friend of mine and thought I would share what I've learned so far.

The first and foremost thing you need to do is find out what exactly is showing up on your background check. The background check being clean is a good sign. However you don't have a clean background check and you come with a crime or something that was supposed to be on a pre-trial or post trial diversion then it might show up even if fees are paid and settled.

The next thing you'll want to do is to find out as much information as you can online. I put clearing a criminal record, and expungement of a record for key word searches. I also put in several small words to try and find information. For example, I knew that the aleged crime was in Cookeville, TN so I could use the court house there to try to find the records without doing a background search online.

You might want to get together as much information as you can about the case in question because the next step would be finding out how much fees are. Because this crime happened in the city of Cookeville, TN the fees are 150.00 for expungement fees plus the lawyer fees when those arise.

Go online and do some research and see which lawyers handle certain cases. Some lawyers only handle divorce, some only handle child support or criminal cases. So be sure and check which ones will handle the expungement. If I'm not mistaken the expungement will have a court date envolved after you file the application and pay the fees. You will show up in front of the judge and explain why you feel that your record should be expunged and that you haven't been in trouble for this amount of time and that you werent in trouble before this happened and that this shouldn't even be on your record.

The only downfall is that some have noted that some states its harder to get this record expunged and TN seems to be one of them. I'm working with my friend to try to help him take care of this so he can get a job. He can't get a good paying job or even a job as a cashier without a clean criminal record. He's behaved and even has a little boy now so hopefully all of these things will be a good influence on the judge.


  • Get a good expungement lawyer. Don't deny yourself the right to be heard Most states you have to wait atleast 5 years before you can have the record expunged and you have to have no criminal or any kind of record after that as well.