How to Find a Good Lawyer

A good lawyer is not necessarily hard to find, but choosing the one that is best for your needs and situation can be a bit of a challenge. Here's how to find a good lawyer.

Shop around- meet multiple lawyers to learn a little bit about them; the way they practice law, their court fees and personality. Always meet with a lawyer in person, before you commit to their services, to ensure an appropriate match.

Determine what you need a lawyer for (divorce, custody, criminal charges, etc.) in order to increase your chances of finding one that is well rehearsed in your specific case. Consider finding a lawyer who specializes in the area that you need representation.

Choose a lawyer that you trust. When choosing a lawyer, make sure you are taking into account whether or not the lawyer as a person invokes a general feeling of trust. You cannot be successful with a lawyer with whom you are not comfortable telling the entire truth of the situation.

Choose a lawyer that is upfront about what fees he has and what he charges for his legal services. The last thing you want from a lawyer is an astoundingly large, unexpected, undiscussed bill.

Check your lawyer credentials. Make sure that he has a good reputation-for this reason, a smart way to choose a lawyer is to use referrals from friends and family.


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