How to Report Welfare Fraud

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Tired of Welfare Fraud costing our country millions of dollars every year? Report these criminals to stop Welfare Fraud from ruining it for people who need it!

To report Welfare Fraud you need to be sure that it is happening. Welfare fraud can be committed by someone selling their food stamps for cash or claiming children that they don't have.

If you know or suspect someone of committing Welfare Fraud then call the Welfare Fraud Hotline at 1-800-344-8477 if you live in California. If you don't live in California then you need to find out the phone number to your nearest Welfare Agency. All Welfare Fraud investigations are conducted on a County Level in most states.

If you are unable to find your local Welfare Agency office contact information please use the link I have provided in the resource section to find out more information about your state.

Some states also have a form that you can download to fill out and fax to your local Welfare Agency to report Welfare Fraud. You can remain completely anonymous through all of these processes if you wish to do so.


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