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Judge Judith Sheindlin – better known as Judge Judy – has presided over real civil cases in her stage "court room" for more than two decades. Her trademark wit and cynicism have made her an icon, and it's no wonder thousands of people apply to have their cases heard by her every year. If you are considering bringing your case to her court, there is a specific procedure to follow to get on Judge Judy.

Agree to the Court's Financial Limits

The cases that the show accepts are small claims, and while monetary limits may range from $2,500 to $25,000 by jurisdiction, Judge Judy's limits are $5,000. You must agree to adhere to this limit; if the value of your case exceeds the $5,000 limit, then you agree that you will accept a judgment less than that of your total claim. You cannot sue again to make up the difference.

Speak to the Other Party

While Judge Judy was a real judge for many years, she isn't technically acting as a judge on the show; she's acting as an arbitrator. Arbitration is a form of "Alternative Dispute Resolution," which, like mediation, involves both parties agreeing to sit down with a neutral party to discuss and resolve the case. However, unlike mediation, the final decision of an arbitration is final. It cannot be appealed, and it is nearly impossible to overturn. To appear on Judge Judy, then, you'll have to convince the other party to agree to arbitrate instead of going to court. Both parties involved in the case must agree to appear on the show to be accepted.

Fill Out the Official Form

Submit your case to get on Judy Judy using a form on the show's official website. The URL for the application form is Provide your personal information and your contact information so that producers from the show can contact you if they are interested. Give a short summary about the case and why you think you were wronged.

If you have already filed your case in civil court, you can still apply to get on Judge Judy. Add your docket number to the application form. The producers of the show will move the case to their court for you if you are accepted to appear.


  • Judge Judy not only pays participants for appearing, the show actually covers any judgment awarded. In addition, both sides receive free airfare and a free hotel room for the duration of filming.

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