How to Report Identity Theft to Social Security

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Identity theft is when someone uses your identity without permission to commit fraud. Usually this occurs through the use of a credit card number, name or Social Security number. The person might use this information to buy items or to take out credit in your name. The FTC has estimated that about 9 million people are victims of identity theft each year. This articles explains how to report identity theft to the Social Security Administration.

First, report identity theft to the local police. If your identification cards, including passport, driver's license, credit cards and Social Security card, have been stolen or used illegally by someone other than you, contact your local police department through their non-911 phone number and file a police report.

Report identity theft to the Federal Trade Commission. To report identity theft to the FTC, call the FTC's ID Theft Hot line at 877-IDTHEFT.

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Read Social Security Administration's publication "Identity Theft and Your Social Security Card." This can be found at

Contact the Social Security Agency if you believe someone is using your Social Security number. Contact information for the Social Security Administration can be found at

Request a new Social Security number if the need arises. When you contact the Social Security Administration, they will tell you if you need to request a new number.


  • Do not request a new Social Security number unless you absolutely must as getting a new number can make it extremely difficult to get credit and bank accounts as your credit history is tied to your card.


  • In most instances, reporting identity theft to the Federal Trade Commission is the only federal agency to which you must report. Unless you believe that your Social Security card was stolen, you do not need to report identity theft to the Social Security Administration.


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