How to Remove Wage Garnishment

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Learn how to remove wage garnishment and save yourself from the loss of income. Federal and state governments are more difficult to work with, but you can do a few things to prevent creditors from garnishing your wages when they take you to small claims court for a judgment. This must be done quickly to prevent them from placing a levy against your wages.

Seek help from a debt counselor. He can contact the creditors and arrange for repayment in amounts that you can afford. It is always better to start this process before you have a court judgment against you, but the debt counselor will be able to help you remove a garnishment from your wages even if you have waited too long.

Call the creditor yourself and explain the hardship of having your wages garnished. Some creditors will work with you, but some will not care what happens to you. Offer a repayment plan.

Consult with an attorney if the garnishments are for state or federal tax levies. This is a situation that is not always easy to take care of, but an attorney can talk to the government agencies, make repayment arrangements, and even help get the interest and penalties reduced.

File for bankruptcy. You can file a chapter 13, which is a repayment plan, or a chapter 7, which can wipe away all debts. This step should always be the last resort if the other steps do not work. Bankruptcy will not remove federal and state tax levies.


  • Some people will tell you to quit your job, which will stop the garnishment for a time until you get a new job. However, this is not practical solution to the problem.


  • It is always best to use these steps before a garnishment or judgment.


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