How to Notify a Landlord About Not Renewing a Lease Agreement

It is important to properly notify your landlord you will not be renewing your lease agreement to avoid being trapped into renewing and to avoid paying penalties.

Notify Your Landlord You Will Not Renew A Lease

It is important to find out how much notice you are required to give your landlord that you do not intend to renew your lease. You can do this by referring to the lease agreement you signed at the beginning of the lease or contacting the landlord. Failure to notify your landlord could result in you being forced to renew or to pay penalties.

Once you know when notice must be received by the landlord, ensure you comply with the deadline.

It is best to notify the landlord in writing. Write legibly or type a letter that clearly states you will not be renewing your lease. Also include the date on which you will vacate the apartment and request the landlord inform you of any additional requirements.

It is important to ensure the landlord has received your notice. You can do this by sending your letter by certified mail or by calling to ensure there is some record that you will not be renewing.

Ensure you comply with all of your landlord's requirements for moving out. Ensure you return all keys and that you leave the apartment in good condition.

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  • Be careful to comply with all requirements provided in the lease agreement. Anything you do that breaches that agreement can result in additional fees being charged by your landlord.

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