How to Find Free Printable Living Wills

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A legal living will is a vital document if you want to control medical treatments that could prolong your life if you happen to be incapacitated and unable to make decisions regarding your medical care on your own. Also known as a "health care advanced directive," a living will instructs your physician and family of your wishes to be resuscitated and cared for if you fall into a permanent vegetative state. Although the living will is typically included with your estate planning, you can prepare one yourself as long as the will meets the legal requirements of your state.

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Consult your state bar association. Most offer state-specific living will declarations that you can either cut and paste or download and fill out before or after printing. Typical forms will require information such as the contact information of your health care proxy, whether you wish to donate organs and whether you have an existing health care power of attorney. Some forms will require witness or notary signatures.

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Look for websites that offer free printable living wills that follow a simple format. Sites like Rocket Lawyer, CS Legal Forms, Legal Onion and Doc Stoc allow you to complete questionnaires on the type of health care directives you envision for your living will and create a document that incorporates your answers or offer downloadable living wills or templates you can complete and print.

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Choose a living will template that you can complete to generate legal wills that will be honored by your state. If the living will templates you find seem to be too generic, consult the state bar to find additional health care directives that you can add as stipulations to your legal will.



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