How to Cancel a Restraining Order

By Contributor - Updated June 05, 2017
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If you have a restraining order in place and you need to cancel it before the expiration date, you can do so by filing paperwork through the same court where the restraining order was initially filed. Think long and hard before you decide to take such a step, because filing for another restraining order is going to be very hard the second time around.

Bring a copy of the original restraining order to the courthouse where you initially filed the order. Speak with the clerk of the court and ask her for paperwork to cancel a restraining order.

Fill out the forms and explain in detail why you need the restraining order canceled. You will need to provide compelling testimony and prove that there will be a serious impediments if the order is not canceled immediately. Bring the forms back to the clerk to have them filed.

Have the restrained party served with the cancelation request form. The court can inform you of the options for service available in your jurisdiction.

Attend a hearing in front of a judge to explain why you need the restraining order canceled. Be prepared to explain in detail the reason why it needs to be canceled before the expiration date. The judge may decline your request or ask to speak to the person for whom the order was initially brought against.

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