How to Get Court Records

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Court records are public and virtually anyone can access court records if you are trying to learn about someone's past or about a trial/settlement that happened in the past. Learn how to quickly get court records so that you can find the information you need without losing lots of time and money. Learn how to get court records quickly.

Use A Website To Find Court Records The easiest and quickest way to find court records is to use a website. The most reliable website for finding court records is Once you get to their page you will enter the person's personal information and the site will show you any public court records that are associated with them. This is the quickest and most convenient place to get court records.

Contact the District Court House or Attorney General's Office to Get Court Records! If an online search for court records doesn't work, the next place you can look is at the district court house or attorney general's office where the crime/trial took place. They must keep court records for all the cases they handle and these records are open to the public. Call the local office and request the court records you are interested in.

Hire A Private Investigator to Get Court Records If you are seriously in need of court records and the above steps do not work, you would consider hiring a private investigator to locate court records for you. Private investigators usually have contacts and means to secure information that is difficult for the average person to find, including court records. You can find a private investigator in your local yellow pages.


  • Criminal proceedings are the easiest to find online while civil court cases are more likely to be private

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